Automotive Air Conditioning Specialists

Air Conditioning is an absolute necessity in the Australian climate.

For cars and 4WDs it’s now considered essential for health & safety.

As a Certified, Accredited and fully Licensed automotive air conditioning specialist Tower Motors has 35 years of experience. And is recognised as an industry leader.

Tower Motors Technicians and workshop are members of the peak trade body for mobile air conditioning and electrical. VASA the Automotive Air Conditioning, Electrical and Cooling Technicians of Australasia (VASA).

The workshop is a member of the peak network for mobile air conditioning and electrical, the Automotive Air Conditioning, Electrical and Cooling Technicians of Australasia (VASA).

Tower Motors  has all necessary licenses and authorisation, backed by well qualified technicians who are also keeping abreast of the new wave of refrigerants expected across the Australian fleet in coming years, to meet the demands of world governments to reduce the risk of global warming. As a result, R134a will gradually be phased out, to be replaced by an approved refrigerant called HFO-1234yf.

Car owners will need to consult only authorised workshops and qualified technicians to ensure that their air conditioning systems are well maintained well into the future.

At Tower Motors we quickly and efficiently diagnose faulty or leaky air conditioning systems and will advise on the steps necessary to meet the obligations under the national environmental legislation.

When any part of a vehicles air conditioning system is changed or serviced. It is recommended that the receiver-drier or accumulator be replaced. This prevents corrosion and moisture in the air conditioning system (moisture combines with the refrigerant to form hydrochloric acid which is extremely corrosive to metal components and can damage other parts of the system).

As a motorists you can trust the technicians at Tower Motors to check and maintain a vehicle’s air conditioning unit which will not only keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, but ensure your vehicle is playing its part in limiting unfriendly emissions into the atmosphere.